Green and Red Flags: Card Program Visibility & Confidence

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Card Integrity's Green and Red Flags eGuide provides information on how to identify excellent and harmful purchasing behaviors with green and red flags, as well as the best ways to follow up to continue to promote positive purchasing behavior. Our detailed guide is broken down into 6 distinct categories.

   - Red Flags: Identifying Bad Cardholder Purchasing Behavior
   - Green Flags: Identifying Good Cardholder Behavior
   - 3 Ways to Give Kudos: Promoting Compliance with Positive
   - Let's Talk: The Importance of Transparency and Communication
   - Discover Solutions
   - BONUS! Customizable print and easy-to-distribute digital
     certificates templates for responsible cardholders

With actionable solutions, this guide has valuable tips and advice on specific green flags that can strengthen your internal controls and processes. To download your copy of the eGuide please fill out the provided form, and a link to a PDF copy of the eGuide will be made available to you.

Copy of Green and red Flags Card Program Visibility & Confidence

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